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Lightning AP History

Mr. Buttell

[email protected]

Unit 5 - The Great Depression/New Deal

Unit 5 Power Points

Document Reading Homework


History Alive: Ch. 30 - The Causes of the Great Depression

History Alive: Ch. 31 - The Response to the Economic Collapse

History Alive: Ch. 32 - The Human Impact of the Great Depression

History Alive: Ch. 33 - The New Deal and its Legacy


History Alive: Ch. 30 - Notebook Guide

History Alive: Ch. 31 - Notebook Guide

History Alive: Ch. 32 - READ ONLY

History Alive: Ch. 33 - Notebook Guide

Unit 5 Pacing Guide

Homework: Ch. 30 Notebook Guide due Thurs. 12/07

Lecture: Ch. 30-31 Causes of Great Depression/Response to Economic Collapse Thurs. 12/07

Homework: Ch. 31 Notebook Guide due Mon. 12/11

Lecture: Ch. 32-33 The New Deal Mon. 12/11

Homework: Read Only Ch. 32, Notebook Guide Ch. 33 due Wed. 12/13

Lecture: Finish Lecture on Ch. 32-33 Wed. 12/13

Unit 5 Exam Fri. 12/15

Mid-Term Exam Tues. 12/19

**End of Quarter 2**

Unit 5 Vocabulary/Review Questions