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Lightning AP History

Mr. Buttell

[email protected]

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AP Practice Exam

The APUSH Exam Review will be offered on TWO different dates:

***Please let Mr. Buttell know by April 15th which session you will be attending.***

Saturday, April 25th from 9am-12:15pm (Ms. Rivas)


Saturday, May 2nd from 1pm-4:15pm (Mr. Buttell)

This is not mandatory, however, you will receive extra credit in the following manner:

Attending and taking practice exam = 8 pts.

Multiple Choice Section Score:

80-70 = 12 pts.

69-60 = 10 pts.

59-50 = 8 pts.

49-40 = 6 pts.

39-30 = 4 pts.

29-20 = 2 pts.