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Lightning AP History

Mr. Buttell

[email protected]

Unit 1 - Renaissance and Exploration, 1450-1648

Humanism and The Renaissance

This chapter focuses on the birth of the Renaissance in Italy as Europe emerges from the Middle Ages after the devastation of the Black Plague and chaos of the Hundred Years War and Great Schism. As educated people began to embrace a new form of learning called humanism- a more secular way to learn which requires creativity, critical thinking, and to seek out original ideas and new knowledge- new styles of art and literature emerged which celebrated the human mind, body, and soul. This led many Europeans to slowly pull away from the authority of the Catholic Church, while still retaining their faith in God. Meanwhile, Italian cities were ruled by despotic families like the Medici and Borgia, which paved the way for modern Machiavellian politics. While Italy was divided and run by rival ruling families, national monarchies were beginning to form in France, England, and Spain. Finally, due to the drastic changes that had shaken the Catholic Church in the 14th century, the Catholic Church began to slowly address its loss of influence, but reform would take a far more drastic catalyst.

Age of Discovery

For much of history, Europe was confined and for the most part isolated. It had a difficult time venturing east, due to primitive knowledge of geography, the lack of technology in navigation and sea-faring, and trade routes dominated by Muslim states that jealously guarded their commerce against crusading Europeans. However, once the Portuguese and Spanish first began to sail the world in search of spices and gold, a Pandora's Box would open that would change the fate of the world and its people forever. Once the British, Dutch, and French began to create competition in search of their own mercantile empires, a series of bitter wars and competition would ensue for the next 3 centuries. In conjunction with the rise of capitalism, absolute monarchical states, and scientific advances, Europe's conquest of the Spice Islands, the Americas, and Africa's coastal regions and its slave markets was brutally finalized.

McKay Chapter Outlines

Schedule of Recorded Power Point Lectures

Humanism and the Renaissance Part I - Fri. 8/28

 Humanism and the Renaissance Part II - Tues. 9/01

The New Monarchies - Thurs. 9/03

 Age of Exploration/Commercial Revolution Part I - Thurs. 9/10

 Age of Exploration/Commercial Revolution Part II - Mon. 9/14

Primary/Secondary Source Readings

Unit 1 Readings & HW

The Renaissance

AMSCO: Ch. 1 (pgs. 4-14)

MCKAY: Ch. 12 (358-378)

HW: Renaissance Outline

 New Monarchies

AMSCO: Ch. 6 (pgs. 105-110)

MCKAY: Ch. 12 (pgs. 378-387)

 Age of Exploration/Commercial Revolution

AMSCO: Ch. 3-4 (all)

MCKAY: Ch. 14 (all)

HW: Age of Exploration Outline

Pacing Guide

Day 1: Introductions, Website, Class Rules, College Board Sign Up/Progress Checks - Thurs. 8/20

Lecture/Workshop: Historical Thinking Skills, M/C and Short Answer Examples - Mon. 8/24

HW: Summer Assignment due - Wed. 8/26

Lecture/Summer Assessment: Powerpoint Overview on High Middle Ages, then Summer Quiz on High Middle Ages/European Map (timed 45 mins.) - Wed. 8/26

Lecture: Humanism and the Renaissance Powerpoint Part I - Fri. 8/28

HW: Day 1 HW due on Canvas by 11:59 PM (Thurs night) - 8/27

Lecture: Humanism and the Renaissance Powerpoint Part II - Tues. 9/01

HW: Day 2 HW due on Canvas by 11:59 PM (Mon. night) - 8/31

Lecture: The New Monarchies Powerpoint Thurs. 9/03

HW: Day 3 HW due on Canvas by 11:59 PM (Wed. night) - 9/02


QUIZ: Humanism and the Renaissance/Printing and the New Monarchies - Tues.. 9/08

Writing Analysis: Africans in European Portraiture - Tues. 9/08

HW: Day 1 HW due on Canvas by 11:59 pm (Wed. night) - 9/09

Lecture: Age of Exploration/Commercial Revolution Powerpoint Part I - Thurs. 9/10

HW: Day 2 HW due on Canvas by 11:59 pm (Sun. night) - 9/13

Lecture: Age of Exploration/Commerical Revoultion Powerpoint Part II - Mon. 9/14

Heimler Video: "How to Write the LEQ - Heimler" (9 minute video) - Mon. 9/14

QUIZ: Age of Exploration - Wed. 9/16

Writing Workshop: Following the Quiz -Practice Prompt Comparison - Wed. 9/16

Unit 1 Exam: Unit 1 Exam (M/C w/Stimulus & Intro Paragraph for LEQ) - Fri. 9/18

LEQ Tutorial

John Green Videos